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Originally Posted by nelliebly View Post
Been there, done that, with the exception that I had to walk mine (Can't drive) almost a mile to the very crowded UPS place, where I stood in line with my "distinctive" return box for almost 20 minutes. Fun times.

Still better than the colonoscopy.
And either is better than the alternative (of having colon cancer discovered far too late). Yeah, you all knew I'd have something to say on the topic

On the "walking mine" front, a digression. In the early 1990s, I was on a project in NYC for several years. At one point, I developed some kind of nasty intestinal bug that had me running to the bathroom, doubled over with cramps, and pencil-pooing each time, for a week. Over the counter stuff had no effect. So I went to a doctor. Who drew blood, and asked me to provide a stool sample.

For the first time in a week, the gut decided to clam up. So I went home with a sample jar.

Next morning, I had to return the sample jar. It was hidden in my purse. And all I could think of as I walked uptown to his office was "Lord, I hope I never have my purse snatched here in NYC. But if it is my fate, today would be a perfect day for it!" then I chortled inwardly as I imagined explaining the purse contents to a policeman.