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Where do you draw the line? If old people are ineligible, what about felons? Make felons ineligible and bet that some rinky-dink state that hates XX will ram XX through a kangaroo court to make her a felon!

The U.S.A. rightly prides itself on being the Land of Freedom. Enshrine criteria into law and you've taken freedom from the voters and given it to a law framed by an earlier generation. (Where I live a recent constitution dictated that only college grads can serve in Parliament IIRC. Some popular activists from rural areas became ineligible, while corrupt boss-men could still buy a a college degree if necessary.)

Should the law require that Presidential candidates pass a psychiatric exam? Release their taxes? Show that their staffings satisfied some diversity criteria? NO; such criteria might be enforced by opinion-makers, not by the LAW.

I'd have no problem with the politicos and editors in a smoke-filled room agreeing to reject candidates who don't submit to mental evaluation, or who don't release their taxes, or who aren't exactly 43 years old that's their right, but these criteria don't have the force of law.

Uh oh. We don't have smoke-filled rooms anymore. Candidates are chosen by Facebook lies reposted by dimwits gulled by Russian trolls. Yeah; there are problems. Big problems that persnickety cosmetic fixes won't solve.