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Amazon is beginning to piss me off. One of their main distribution warehouses is not far from here (easily overnight for priority mail or Amazon's own delivery service), and it wasn't so long ago that I would get really fast deliveries. One time shortly before Christmas, I ordered a last-minute gift on Friday night with the free delivery option and, despite the Christmas rush, it arrived on Sunday!

But ever since they started introducing their pay-extra fast delivery options and Amazon Prime, the free service has gone to shit, and it has gone to shit because they deliberately sit on the order -- lately for nearly a week! I ordered something on Sunday and if they had shipped on Monday I would easily have received it by Tuesday. But in fact I just got the shipping notice today, five days later, and of course it will arrive tomorrow. The problem, from Amazon's POV, is that if they had shipped immediately, I would have got it so fast that there would be no incentive to pay the bastards extra for fast delivery.