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Originally Posted by MacTech View Post
TDA was nothing compared to Threads or When the Wind Blows

Threads scared the crap out of you with it's gritty realism

When the Wind Blows simply *CRUSHES* your SOUL, simply the most depressing, disheartening and gut-wrenching film I've ever seen, saw it once in high school and it stuck with me ever since, rewatching it again on YT , it has lost none of it's impact, it still tears my heart out of my chest, shows it to me, then utterly stomps it into a fine red paste....

"Shall we get into the paper bags again....?"......
Threads is just so straightforward - it really looks like a documentary about the end of the world, albeit set in the 80s.

It did scare me as a child and it scared my 1998 born child and her friends too.

Originally Posted by snfaulkner View Post
Would you say it it is more soul crushing than The Road? If so, I need to see it, and then hate myself for doing so.
When the Wind Blows is animated, so that may change how it affects you. It's about two elderly British people doing everything they're told to. There is no outright horror and very little happens. But it's fairly unusual to watch it and not be upset at least, I'd say.

It's like the first section of Up, but the world ends.

The Day After, I only saw on YouTube a couple of years ago after it was recommended on here, and the effect was dimmed by having seen Threads as a child, but it was still well done and yeah, pretty scary.