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Originally Posted by SciFiSam View Post
Threads is just so straightforward - it really looks like a documentary about the end of the world, albeit set in the 80s.

It did scare me as a child and it scared my 1998 born child and her friends too.

When the Wind Blows is animated, so that may change how it affects you. It's about two elderly British people doing everything they're told to. There is no outright horror and very little happens. But it's fairly unusual to watch it and not be upset at least, I'd say.

It's like the first section of Up, but the world ends.

This is a great video review of WTWB;

Yes WTWB is animated, and that's part of the reason it takes you off guard, it starts slow, very slow, you get to see this endearing elderly couple live their daily life, they become *real* to you, they remind you of your parents, or grandparents, it's just the two characters, you simply fall in love with this wonderful, endearing couple, who are clearly still madly in love after decades together....

...and then you watch as their world, and they, simply fall apart..... physically, and mentally....

sorry, gotta go scare off those invisible ninjas cutting onions that have somehow snuck in....

be warned, WTWB *WILL* crush your soul!

if you feel nothing after watching this then you are not human and have no soul.
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