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Originally Posted by Jonathan Chance View Post
Not a bit, even though they clearly expected it to. Units in high school, special features on television and magazines and so forth.

But fuck, unless you were oblivious, we Gen X kids had been living under the constant threat of death en masse since we were born. Weird All made satirical songs about it, for heaven's sake.

Some asshole television execs saying we could be 'deeply effected' by their show only shows they weren't really paying attention, either.
This, and Special Report or whatever it was called, the one that was broadcastas though it was a live event (iirc even the commercials were part of the show) were really cool at the time, the whole family watched together. They only thing my parents were worried about was if I would get bored part way through.

The one movie that really affected me was the japanese anime, I can't think of the name, about a boy dealing with the death of his little brother. He carried him to where he thought he would get help but he was already dead. I want to say it was written by and based on the experience of a man who actually did survive the bombing of Hiroshima. My recall of specific details is fuzzy but the overall theme and story was very saddening for me.
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