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I agree with PT. Broad has at times come across as self absorbed (long time ago) and his Test appearances are not all that regular. Bowlers are not historically proven to be the best choice as captains. Root does seem a little lost circling the wagons, but really it is one player that has been his undoing. I am not certain how Hutton and the other English captains handled setting fields to Bradman although I guess they also thought there were few options.

Thinking of Cumbrian's comment regarding Smith being (possibly) the best batsman since the war, I note that he has now scored 9 succesive half centuries in Ashes Test which is an amazing statistic. I thought Graeme Pollock ond Barry Richards were very good, but their careers were so short it makes comparisons difficult. Of course seeing Gordon Grenidge and Des Haynes I thought they were powerhouses but I think eventually they only averaged about 40.

Maybe Smith is special. He sure has a good average for a leg spinner.