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Thinking of Cumbrian's comment regarding Smith being (possibly) the best batsman since the war, I note that he has now scored 9 succesive half centuries in Ashes Test which is an amazing statistic. I thought Graeme Pollock ond Barry Richards were very good, but their careers were so short it makes comparisons difficult. Of course seeing Gordon Grenidge and Des Haynes I thought they were powerhouses but I think eventually they only averaged about 40.
On this, of the guys that I have seen Smith is obviously right up there. Kohli is bloody good too but Smith is better at Test level (Kohli probably a better short form batsman). Viv Richards, Ricky Ponting and Kumar Sangakkara would be other names I'd offer up. Kumar in particular - if he'd never played the Tests in which he kept wicket, his Test career would have been 9000+ runs in 80 or so Tests at an average of 66, which shows a) how good he was and b) how much keeping wicket can impact even a very good player's averages (it's why I think Bairstow should have the gloves taken off him, in favour of a better keeper, so he might be able to be a better bat for this unit).