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The NFL told Tony Romo to dumb it down last year, didn't they? I didn't watch that many of his games, but I remember early on he was calling on very interesting football stuff - how formations were tipping off the play, tendencies and predictions that were pretty savvy, really good football talk. And then mid-season, he started being a much more generic commentator. He's doing the Browns game today and he definitely feels pretty generic.

I think the NFL thought at some point that the quality of his commentary was making the rest of the broadcasters look bad and told him to dumb it down. Either that or somehow actual interesting football commentary was scary to people.

It's a shame, since his style of actual knowledge was really interesting to listen to. The Browns used to bring in ex QB Bernie Kosar for preseason game commentary, and while he was not at all a broadcaster (slurred speech, general awkwardness) he actually gave a ton of insight about what was actually going on in the game. I really enjoyed it. Now they replaced him with a generic commentator and it's just boring.

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