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What a shit show. First, the Browns are undisciplined as fuck. Dirty play from a few players, and just generally sloppy and undisciplined. So I'm not saying they're blameless. But holy shit the refs are calling some bullshit too. 4 or 5 significant game-changing bad calls.

What a weird game. It feels like the Browns could just easily beat the Titans if they just got their shit together and the weird ass calls stopped, but then it also feels like, given that those things happened, the Titans should be up 20, and not 6.

Not promising so far. The O-line play has been very poor, which is strange because the O-line play with mostly the same group became really improved when Kitchens took over as OC. And the general lack of team discipline and borderline dirty play reflects really badly on the coach, the Browns have never been like that.