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[QUOTE=Cumbrian;21848097]3-1 seems about fair to be honest. If we'd have got a draw here, it would be been unwarranted. A draw and then winning at The Oval would have been daylight robbery.QUOTE]

I rarely disagree with you, but I don't buy this as a concept, generally speaking. OK, New Zealand deserved to share the World Cup - that was a big exception. But England deserved to win at Headingley. Australia deserved to win if they didn't waste a review or if Lyon doesn't crack under pressure. But that's not how things turned out. Also, England were well on top of the drawn match and could easily have won that given just a bit more time. OK, Smith was absent - but as has been pointed out, if your team is heavily dependent on one player, and they get injured, do you 'deserve' to win? See also: Glen McGrath.

If England had managed to bat out the overs today, the result would absolutely be warranted. And if that were followed by a winning performance at the Oval, why would they not deserve to win the Ashes?

Anyway, the main point of course is Australia have clearly been the better team thus far and do in fact deserve to retain the urn. I want to see England do all they can to square the series at the Oval. Unfortunately I have no idea how that might be achieved.

ETA: a road like pitch so we can try to score as many as Smith?

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