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Beckdawreks bad, bad, bad Alien visitation. (Or WTH? did you see that)

Spurred on by an unfortunate spillage of milk, instead of crying I washed my hair. This is harder than you would think. I'm working with less than optimal use of my arms and I just had stitches removed from my forehead. But dang it, I got it done.
I remove to the deck to dry this mop. My hair being very long it takes more hair dryer power than I can muster.(arms again) It's near 95°still at 7:30. It's starting to get dark. I called the dogs back up to the deck and stand up ready to go in and I glanced over my shoulder and see a light in the sky. What? Double take. Yep, its a blue double light. It's not quite dark and I see the shadow of something between the lights. What? A green flash. Back to a double blue light. Ok, beck you're hallucinating. That head bump was worse than I thought. I went in the door and grab my phone. I look up, there's no light. Ok. I knew it, I was seeing things. I sit down on the deck chair. I'm thinking I'm gonna have to see a shrink. Jeez. Just what I need someone trying to figure out my personal brand of crazy. I put my hand on my bandaide on my forehead and through my fingers I see a blue light. WTH? It's back. I snap 2 pics real quick. It flashes green twice more. Didn't get a shot of the green flash. Dang it, I shoulda pushed record. I'm looking at the phone trying to choose record. And it's gone.
I text Son-of-a-wrek and send him the shots. He, being a conspiracy theorist decides the government is spying on me. He said to hide. Real helpful. Aliens are visiting and he wants me to get in a closet. I'm not sure about the boy somedays.
I text the lil'wrekker. She sufficiently scared. She gets her whole dormitory stirred up. Next thing I hear from her it's turned into a hallway party. Peeps are ordering pizza. I'm sure glad I could entertain a whole dorm with my Alien visit. Crap. Will no one come save me.
Mr.Wrekker went to the lakehouse. He would laugh at me anyway. No help there. Mid-daughter is in NewOrleans. I'm not even gonna bother her. Face it, beck you're all alone in this.
It gets really dark here in these woods. I'm talking black out dark w/o my security lights. I turn the lights out and decide I'm gonna camp out on the deck awhile and catch it again and hit record. And when I get it recorded I'm calling the FBI. I want Fox and Dana here in the morning. Not too early, mind you, 10am or so suits me.
Alas, I lasted 20minutes on the deck. It's too hot, my clean hair is getting sweaty. No more lights. My Daddy always said I had no stick-to-it-ness.
Well, Dopers what do you think I saw? Out here in the darkest, deepest Arkansas.