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Originally Posted by SlackerInc View Post
She is one of these left wingers who savages the mainstream of the Democratic Party, including characterizing President Obama as some kind of war criminal with a “smiling face”, and I have no tolerance for that.
This is a false characterization of Omar, apparently by someone who sees Obama like a toddler sees Mommy. Adult and nuanced criticism of politicans we like is okay, and that's all Omar did. I suspect you saw it so negatively out of a combination of poor comprehension skills for political criticism, and knee-jerk bigotry against a black Muslim woman.

This is why I say you want to have it both ways. You said it was perfectly reasonable for the Strib to investigate these questions, but you presumably wouldn’t think it would be reasonable for them to investigate alien lizard shapeshifter nonsense?
If the latter was being repeated in borderline mainstream infotainment sites, and spread and believed widely on social media, then absolutely it would be reasonable for them to investigate (which would take approximately 5 minutes).

Bullshit. Did you miss all the posts in which I have supported Kamala Harris as the best choice of all those polling above 5%?
All this shows is that you're a weird racist. You've admitted your racism (against black people) and bigotry against Muslims. That you are fond of some individual black people doesn't excuse this or change this at all. Lots of racists like certain individual black people. I suspect many slave owners were fond of certain slaves.

Frankly, it’s sad that you don’t allow Omar to have any individuality. Any dislike of her must be because she is a brown woman, therefore you have reduced her to a generic gender and racial avatar. No consideration that she could be treated as an individual.
Not any dislike, just the inaccurate descriptions and mischaracterizations of what she's said, when presented by an open racist against black people and bigot against Muslims. If David Duke mischaracterizes something Obama said, it's pretty damn reasonable to presume that this has something to do with his racism. Even if, later on, he praises a different black person for some reason.

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