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While kirkrapine phased the question in terms of the development of the Americas, I think a better question would be about the development of Ireland had the hypothetical in the OP come to pass. If the "Empire of the British Isles" had Irish parliamentary representation it probably would have extended the "rights of Englishmen" to the people of the Emerald Island. Now this wouldn't mean that everything is milk and honey for the Irish, Oliver Cromwell had come and gone by 1707 and I'm fairly certain that the system of English economic exploitation was already in place. Religious tensions would still have existed but it's important to understand that religious identity was closely tied to (and to many, inseparable from) national/cultural identity, e.g. the difference between "Scots-Irish" and "Irish". If Irish Catholics had representation in parliament many of the explicit anti-Catholic laws might have never been passed which would have done wonders for religious harmony. If Ireland had come to be seen as a part of the homeland, rather than a subjugated foreign land, the cultural/national divide would have been lessened.

It's very complex and I'm not nearly as well educated on the matter as I would like, but things probably would have been better, even if it was only "less bad".
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