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Last night's game was weird in that I can see both sides being happy but with concerns over stuff to work on.

The Patriots looked out of sync on offense through 3 quarters but then pulled it together in Patriots fashion and finished with a flourish, comfortably covering the spread and (finally in the 4th) looking all around good. Clearly stuff to work on, but come on. Beating up on a bad team is never bad.

The Giants were legitimately in that game into the fourth quarter. IIRC, Giants had the ball down by 7 (early) in the 4th quarter, and that's in it. Even after already having coughed up the ball 4? times already, including giving up a TD by letting a a punt get blocked and recovered in the end zone. (Gah!)

Unfortunately the Patriots' time of possession had the defense out here a full game's worth by early in the 4th, when they lost a step (or 10) from fatigue. I'll take 30 minutes of solid defense; I haven't even thought about good defense on the Giants since 2016, the lone good year in Steve Spagnuolo's return to New York.

I'm starting to worry about Jones' turnovers, though, with at least two per game, every game. I love his accuracy, which was never Eli's thing outside of slant passes. (Odell Beckham, Victor Cruz, Steve Smith 2, etc...) Maybe that accuracy is why he tries to thread the needle so much.