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Originally Posted by racepug View Post
The Saints have a bona fide top-notch head coach. I forgot to include them in my list from earlier. I'm not sure about the 'hawks. Sure, they're 5 - 1 but not one win has been all that impressive and San Francisco has beaten four of the teams that the Seahawks have beaten this season and they beat three of them (Cincinnatus, Cleveland, and the Rams) much worse than the Seahawks did. It's early but I think the 'hawks make the playoffs. Beyond that I'm not willing, at this point, to speculate on anything in that regard.
I think the Seahawks have a really good, balanced offense. Russell is playing as the undisputed MVP this year, Chris Carson is building on last yearís success as a RB (and stopped fumbling), Tyler Lockett is a legit #1 WR and Metcalf is a rookie WR not playing like a rookie. The OL goes from decent to crap but thatís nothing unusual.

The defense though isnít good. The defensive line should be better, and maybe when Reed comes off suspension next week it will be better, but... The linebackers are awesome but they can only do so much. Only Griffin is looking good in the secondary (and heís looking really good). They are allowing too much and while Russell keeps bailing them out you have to wonder if thatís enough.

I do think that the Seahawks are better than their numbers suggest. For example, they beat the Browns by 4. They could have beaten them by 11 if they wanted to. They got the ball just outside the end zone and the way the Cleveland D was playing they probably could have walked in. But they didnít because the Browns had no timeouts and there was only a minute on the clock, so they went into victory formation to end the game. They do just enough to win.

While thatís not unusual, I feel like itís a peek into their philosophy. They play conservative and grind out games. They are explosive when they need to be (and when opportunities appear) but donít push it. Unless a team is just folding over with no resistance like Arizona they are unlikely to run up the score. So I donít necessarily see that one team blowing out opponents is automatically better than the one barely beating them, though that could be the case.

Hereís an example... The Rams crushed the Saints, 27-9. Obliterated them. The next week the Saints go to Seattle and beat them. Clearly the Rams are better, right? But then Seattle beats the Rams, and are currently two games ahead of them in the standings. I would say that the Rams are not as good as Seattle and are fighting a serious SB hangover.

If things progress as they have been, with the Seahawks winning close games and the Niners winning by huge margins, I donít know if we will get a real measure of them before Nov 11 when they meet.