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Are there any visible scars or dimples from the piercings? If you massage between two fingers your earlobes, do you feel anything within the tissue? (Lumps, I mean.) It really shouldn't be a problem to have your earlobes repierced, even if there is scarring. A competent body piercer will be able to tell you better than I am able to, of course.

Piercing guns cannot be sterilized and are a health risk. Plus, the studs don't allow for swelling and are hard to clean properly.

I suggest you go to a reputable piercing studio that uses (and regularly sends out tests on) an autoclave and pierces you with a fresh-from-the-packaging needle.

Sure, people have gotten gunned piercings and lived, but why risk disease, infection, and/or having to go to the doctor to get the jewelry cut out if the swelling envelops the stud)?