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Re: Has anyone ever had to have their ears re-pierced?

Originally posted by Jadis
Will it be hard to re-pierce my ears in the same spot? Will there be scar tissue from where my old holes closed up? Any ideas on a nice, sanitary, reliable place I can have it done?
For some reason, my right ear would never stay pierced.

I had mine done the first time when I was about 11 - and within 2 years, the right one closed off, and the left one stayed fine.
So the right one was repierced again and again and again (at least 3 times by Claire's type people - many more by me, with ice and a sharp pointy earring for a play or something like that). Finally, in my early 20s, I got it repierced for the final time.
And this time, it stuck. No idea why it finally worked, but there it was.
It was never hard to repierce on the same spot, and if there was scar tissue, it didn't seem to matter that much - but I'm not the person to ask about nice, sanitary, or reliable. I kept going back to mall & piercing guns.