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I had to have on part of my ear pierced 3 times.

If you want the freakishly long story, keep reading.

I got my ears pierced first when I was 6, they started to itch after about a week so I took them out (noy knowing they would close up). Year later, pierced again. This time the piercing girl usedthe scar from my old ones as a marker (big mistake). We're not really sure what happened, but the consenus is that the tissue wasnt fully healed when she pierced them, and the hole just got bigger than it should have. This caused my ear to swallow my earing, a ruby was stuck inside my ear with the back still stickin out. After spending about 20 minutes trying to pull or push the eraing out, my mom took me to the E.R. , where they used 3 friggin huge needles to numb the side of my face and then pushed it out*.
Year later, get them pierced again, this time it sticks.

*a few years later the same thing happened to my friend, we thought they would do the same thing to her that they did to me, it turns out that no other doctor in my city thought it would be good to stick needles in the neck of a 7 year old and then rip a piece of metal out of her flesh, so my friend got to have minor surgery . Meaning, while they had to tie me to a bed and hold me down. My friend got to take a nap.