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I can't stand anywhere close to sewer gutters with grates. I was afraid of them before I read "It", but afterwards, I had a focus to my fear. I honestly think that if I was standing close to one of them and something grabbed my ankle (or a rat came up or I got touched by something floating around) that I would just die of fear without even looking at what was there.

I'm also nervous when I am on stairs that don't have risers. What if I slipped and fell between the stairs? I do understand that one kinda, it happened after a major panic attack that left me huddled on the landing, afraid to go up or down. I've never understood why I was afraid of sewer grates.

As to rational fears, I'm afraid some idiot on a cell phone will run me over while I'm trapped at a stop light. I'm afraid that Bill will have another heart attack and leave me. I'm afraid that one of my cats will get out of the house and never come back.