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I have had a few bouts of sleep paralysis. It is absolutely terrifying when it happens. I wake up with a feeling of dread, that there is something wrong, and I try to call to my husband and realize that I cannot move at all. In fact, the only part of my body that works is my eyes and I can turn my head slightly. The first few times it happened to me was horrifying and I was convinced that there was something wrong with me. I was afraid to sleep at night for weeks after each episode.

My mother was a nurse when this first started happening to me and was able to tell me what it was and why it happens (REM sleep interrupted and muscles are still locked). Now when it happens I know what it is and can ride it out. At most, it lasts for about half a minute. It happens only when I am exhausted and having insomnia episodes.

What does still terrify me is knowing that it is common to have auditory and visual hallucinations while in this state: the most common is the demonic presence or the feeling of something sitting on your chest. Some people even "see" demons, dead people, etc. I am afraid that I would die of fright if this happened to me. During the episodes that I do have, without the hallucinations and even knowing what is going on, I still have a hard time knowing if I am really awake or still dreaming. I have had to wake up my husband a few times and ask him to orient me to reality.

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