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I have a fear of public speaking but only the kind where you are expected to stand at a podium and be the center of attention for x number of minutes and deliver a monologue. It is that specific though because I run large meetings most weeks sometimes with VIP's and I won't hesitate to speak my mind in those. I refuse to do the presentation style however because I can't stand people staring at me and my brain doesn't think in a monologue style. I really don't like being forced to stand in one place for too long either. It triggers a panic response that I instinctively feel I must do anything to get out of.

Jumping off a skyscraper with wires attached, flying a small plane, or playing with a deadly animal doesn't phase me in the least. I have done all all those I seek that stuff out and don't even care if I get hurt from it because I like it so much.