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Originally Posted by Becky2844 View Post
I won't walk across grates in sidewalks. I guarantee you if one is ever going to fall in it's going to be while I'm on it. I walk around them, even if it interrupts the flow of pedestrians.
Originally Posted by KRC View Post
I won't go across grates either...
Originally Posted by Antigen View Post
That's one of mine. If I have to use stairs like that (which are usually metal grates you can see through, making it worse) I hold the railing and go very slowly and deliberately and watch my feet to make sure I put them squarely on the steps and don't shoot through.
You are right, those metal grate stairs are the worse. Both of my irrational fears together. I once measured the how high the missing risers were in a staircase that I had to use all the time, then I had a very understanding friend measure how thick I am. I was able to prove to myself that it would be impossible for me to fall through them.

Did that work? Of course not. Then I was afraid that I would start to fall through them and get stuck.

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Me too. But it's because I'm afraid that I'll drop my keys or cel phone down it. I hate parking near them for that same reason. One fumble and I'd be screwed.
I'm feeling better about the sewer grates, I thought I was all alone in that one, now I learn that I'm in very good company.