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Darn it, they couldn't. have waited until after WWE 2K15's release to break up The Shield?! I wanted to play The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family; hopefully that's still on the table.

Ladder match participants are still in the air, but actually I'd love to see Bray Wyatt win the title. Though he IS starting to get a little stale. I know he's being told to do this, but "The Whole World in His Hands" is not creeping me out anymore. You're overusing it!

Some of my favorite moments as a wrestling fan, in no particular order.

1. After Scott Hall won the US Title in a ladder match in Indianapolis, he gazed out at the crowd, saw me giving the Wolfpack salute, and gave his signature "I'm just oozing machsimo" shrug.

2. Watching Stone Cold win his 6th, ultimately last, WWF Championship from Kurt Angle (again, I was there)

3. Lex Luger winning the WCW Championship from Hollywood Hogan

4. The WrestleMania XX main event, made harsher by hindsight I'm afraid

5. Daniel Bryan pinning Triple H, and then tapping Batista, to win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania XXX