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Originally Posted by ElvisL1ves View Post
It takes repeated shocks of that kind to break through the walls of denial propped up by the likes of yourself. The frequency is not reducing, either, for reasons you know well even if you can't face up to them squarely.
There has been a recent spike in mass shootings but there has been a very clear reduction in shooting deaths. If your argument for stricter gun control is that this small sliver of gun deaths have increased while gun deaths overall has decreased, then I don't really see how you can convince anyone that doesn't already believe what you believe and you WILL have to convince a LOT of people to get any sort of forward momentum for your cause.

You've repeatedly stated that there is an "acceptable number" of gun killings as the price of, well, something or other that sounds like "freedom" to you. Are you willing to tell us what the number is that you find acceptable? And how you can claim that people who want fewer killings are the real sickos?
I don't recall ever saying that there is an acceptable number of gun deaths for freedom or anything like that, I leave the "defense of tyranny" arguments to others. I have said that we have to compare the costs of gun ownership to the benefits. You choose to only see the costs of guns to society and ignore and value of guns in society, I recognize both the costs and benefits.

You treat gun ownership like its slavery (or some other inherently immoral policy) where you cannot morally engage in a cost benefit analysis.

BTW, I don't think you're a sicko. I just think you're crazy, stupid a tool or all of the above. The fact that your ideology puts you on the right side of most arguments may have led you to believe that you are intelligent but you are in fact just a tool and a parrot.