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Originally Posted by Manda JO View Post
Per instructions, I am taking this to ATMB, because I think it illustrates the issue here.

OP starts a thread where he says that when he sees a hot woman with "ass cheeks hanging out", all he can think is that he wants to "hit that".

Rather than give a note that says something like "Hey, dude, we don't talk about women like that here", the burden is put on us to unofficially "educate" him that there's something wrong with talking about women as if they were objects. Spoiler, it didn't work, because in post #86, he was doubling down:
I read the posts you quoted.

Many men see women as having inherent value over some random stranger on the street because of their mating potential, as indicated by various secondary sexual characteristics. Were nate to attempt to seek a relationship with one of these women, he might act charming and want to know her as a person, but he wouldn't be bothering if she didn't have clear mate value, as indicated by various characteristics.

So what is the part that offends you, specifically?

Is it the fact that his subconscious mind skips straight to fantasizing about the sex even though the woman is a total stranger that offends you? (this would certain explain but not justify why rapes are so common, if a large percentage of men have similar mental urges)

Or is the discussion of exactly which secondary sexual characteristics?

How could he have phrased how he sees the world in a way that doesn't offend you?

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