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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
Wow. I dont know what Op you read...
Same one. It was a 'hey, guys, you're with me on this, right?' message that carried the underlying assumption that We Have Every Right To Assert This.

Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Could you rewrite the OP into a form that is acceptable to you, then, so we can see how this poster could have expressed his feelings in an acceptable manner?
Hypothetically, a man is concerned that he's losing some control over his rationality due to his response to seeing an attractive woman in revealing clothing.

So he could post:

The other day I had an experience I have all the time--and I'm trying to figure out if this is just something I have to live with, or if there's some other way I could be responding. Is this the way it is for all men? some men? What?

So I was out minding my own business, driving with my wife somewhere, and this young woman drives up on a scooter. She was very attractive and not fully covered with clothing, you might say. So immediately she was all I could think about.

My wife noticed and was annoyed. And I felt as though I wasn't fully in control of myself---and I don't like that feeling. Sure, it's normal to be attracted to attractive people. We're only human. But this is a degree of obsession that bothers me.

So is this the experience of all men? Some? What's going on?
(made-up post)

Instead what became the foundation of that thread was a sort of humble-brag, as someone else posted. The underlying tone was 'LOOK HOW TESTOSTERONE-LADEN I AM!' And also 'I AM A MAN AND I DON'T APOLOGIZE!'

It was a chest-thumping post disguised as a search for information.