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Originally Posted by SlackerInc View Post
If the definition of misogyny is expanded to include this kind of thing, what word do we use for someone like my cousin? He watches red pill YouTube videos and is constantly fulminating about how evil women are and how they are toxic menaces, and he needs to just “go his own way” (MGTOW) and all that crap. To me, that’s misogyny, not having lascivious fantasies about women.
Fair point. I wonder if there are any human languages where a single word can have more than one definition?

DrDeth, you're handy with a dictionary. Before you cut and paste the definition for misogyny again (and I assume there's only one, or else you'd mix it up between posts), could you research this question?

Come on, y'all. This is ridiculous. Are you seriously missing the point that referring to women using object pronouns is a shitty thing to do? (Yes, "that" can be used for people, as in the sentence, "That is the tallest toddler I have ever seen in my life"; I trust folks can see the difference between that construction and, "I'd hit that.")

I know women are pissed at this, but honestly as a dude I am, too. Sure, I have sexual thoughts. But it's absurd to think that I can't walk and chew gum at once, and that 98% of dudes are unable to function in society if they see someone they find sexually attractive. Men are more capable than that.

Most men, anyway.

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