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When my parents and I first moved to San Antonio in 1964, we were really broke. We stayed at the $3 motel (anyone remember those?) for at least a month til we found a house. One day we went to a children's playground with rides called Kiddie Park that had been there since the 1920s. It had a snack stand. The hot dogs were probably $.25. I was 15 and had always been timid about food-- not exactly a picky eater, but not willing to try unfamiliar things.

There at Kiddie Park I encountered the Hot Dog with Chili, Cheese, Mustard & Onions. <Cue trumpet fanfare, harps, and choirs of angels> My taste buds sighed, curled up, then cried out in ecstasy. The onions, the cheese, the (canned) chili, the cheap hot dog, and even cheaper (toasted) bun. And finally the yellow ball Kiddie Park mustard... the theme that united it all.

I became a woman that day.

We went to that hot dog stand often during those weeks before we found a house. Kiddie Park recently went all Upscale and got moved from the hallowed, ancient location to an area with more parking. Another landmark gone...
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