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Originally Posted by Czarcasm View Post
Not just what kind of dog, but where you had it, what you put on it etc.
Hot dogs, frankfurters, sausage dogs, even veggie dogs.

Mine was at this little stand outside the hotel I was staying at in Chicago for some sort of Dope gathering. I ordered my first Chicago dog, thinking it would tide me over until lunchtime. Holy crap-it came with everything! It was like a salad with a perfectly cooked humongous Vienna Beef hot dog in the middle. Onions, various greenery, long-sliced pickles, peppers and ghod knows what else. It was delicious. I have tried to find its equal here in Oregon, but no dice.

I have nothing to contribute to the topic of this thread as hot dogs are not and have never been a food of transcendence for me. No judgment on anyone commenting in this thread! My hot dog tastes are plebeian, so I won't bore you with them.

However, as to your quest to find a good Chicago dog here in Oregon, I offer Junkyard Dogs, now known as Junkyard Extreme Burgers & Brats, just a little to the north of Junction City on Highway 99 West. I sampled one at the exhortations of a good friend who was from Chicago and who raved it was the best she'd had since she left there. It seemed right, but I had no frame of reference. Still, she raved.

It's a goofy place. Watching it elbow its way over the years into becoming a proper little joint from its humble beginnings has been fun. The turning point seemed to be when Guy Fieri featured them on his Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, but don't let that stop you. The food is still good.