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Originally Posted by jnglmassiv View Post
In grade school, my brown bag lunches were usually peanut butter & jelly or American cheese or bologna. But a few times a year, Mom would simmer some cheap hot dogs and dress them with ketchup, mustard & sweet relish before rolling up in waxed paper. She isn't from Illinois and didn't know the Chicago hot dog orthodoxy and I didn't know any better at the time but those were great. At some point, I was old enough to get two for lunch, awesome. If I may recommend pairing with a half pint of 2% milk..?

Some people lime to rip on Portillo's and loudly complain that it's all gone to hell since Dick Portillo 'sold out,' but I haven't seen it. They have fine representations of a lot of Chicago fadt foods: hot dogs, Polish sausage, Italian beef, Chicago chopped salad. Maybe not the best at every one but at least better than average. And you can get a beer.
Portillo's is a great place to get a baseline Chicago hot dog. Most importantly, they use a natural casing dog, which a most of the ma & pop places in my neighborhood don't use, which is very disappointing to me, as nothing has quite the snap of a natural casing dog (when prepared properly.) It's a delicious, dependable Chicago style hot dog, fully dressed to seven ingredient Vienna beef specifications. If you want a benchmark for that type of fully dressed dog, Portillo's is perfect. I personally prefer my hot dogs with normal relish (not the nuclear green stuff) and sans tomato, and I can live without the poppyseed bun (so, basically a Gene's and Jude's or Jimmy's Red Hot), but when I want to go all the way, Portillo's scratches that itch. (And then there's a few places that will even add fresh cukes, lettuce, and even green peppers to your dogs for a true "dragged through the garden" style.)