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One thing I'll say, and this is obviously my opinion and different things will work for different people, but there is no substitute for a great guitar teacher. Anyone of any level can benefit from a great teacher, but especially the newbie guitar player.

A great teacher will be all about technique and doing things correctly. I didn't even "play" guitar for my first month of lessons. (The understanding was that I would in the meantime.) My teacher simply analyzed how I played and made sure I was practicing correctly. I had tried learning on my own for two months prior, and one of the first things he did was have me do a couple chords a completely different way. At the time I was pissed because it had taken a long time to learn the chords, but once I re-learned them, and then had a practical example of why he wanted me to form them a certain way, I understood why. Had I continued with my bad habits (and I had a LOT of bad habits), I would not have progressed as fast or as far on guitar.

A DVD can't analyze your technique.

Now, having said that, DVDs and Youtube are AWESOME! Especially Youtube. Wanna know how to play that lick? Someone has a vid on how to do it. But my point is to get the fundamentals and proper playing technique down FIRST. If a DVD can help you do that...excellent.

A great book on how to practice anything is The Talent Code. (I have no connection whatsoever to this's just the way I was taught to practice. There's nothing new in this book...I was taught this stuff a long time before this book came out.)