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For the people who are just starting out and struggling with chord shapes, I am about a year ahead of you. Here's my story. Maybe you'll take some encouragement from it.

I remember first picking up the guitar and having a list of songs in my head "one day, I'll be able to play that" I told myself. I remember coming down with a huge, frustrating bump when making music on a guitar turned out to be MUCH harder than I expected. "How come the only song I can play is Ode to Joy!!??" "How can I ever change from a G to a C while still strumming??" "How come all my chords buzz??". I refused to believe that barre chords were even possible.

I seemed to be stuck in that phase for an interminably long time and I lost hope that I would ever be able to play well. Then one day, I sat down with a pile of song books and found that I could play most of them. Not well...just strumming away....but well enough that my wife would recognise what I was playing.

Just like that - Can't play ...then suddenly...Can play .

Sure, I couldn't play well (still can't), but suddenly my guitar is tremendous fun and I look forward to practicing at every opportunity. It's like being able to play crept up on me without me noticing. My wife would say that I am obsessed. For the first time since I started I can imagine that, one day, I will be good at playing guitar and I'll be able to play all those songs I want to play.