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Originally Posted by kevlaw View Post
We speculated that my strat might have been Daphne Blue - but it's actually Surf Green. I got it because it's what they had.

"Would I Lie To You?", by Eurythmics sounds interesting. I might give that a shot.
Got it.

Would I Lie to You is an interesting song from a guitar standpoint simply because of how you have to have a feel for the electric guitar. The initial chord - something like a D7sus4 played in barre form - is just a cool arpeggio; pick each of the middle four strings and life is good - let them ring out. But the main riff is a power chord thing - sure, it's just A G A - D A - G C G (or something like that - I am going off memory here) - but you have both strum assertively to establish that rhythm, while also muting the strings with the fat of your picking hand to get that chunking, hard rock sound going. The trick is to really just focus on the lowest two strings of the chord - i.e., the "power chord" version of the chord, with enough overdrive in the tone to fill out the sound. THEN - when it comes to the verses you have to get into funk mode - I know the chord to hit, but don't know how to describe it - but the point is you have to move to funk-strum mode - a real free hand where you spank the higher strings with a clean tone up the neck.

So it's a variety of techniques - deceptively harder than you might think...