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Originally Posted by WordMan View Post
Lordie I haven't thought of that song in ages, but I remember the riff. And the tone - interesting tone with a bit of sizzle on it.
I asked my guitar teacher to teach me the song about a month ago. As we were working on it, with my iPod playing the song on my teacher's speakers, the door to the classroom opened. It was another of the school's teachers... "I *love* that song...I haven't heard it in years! Who does it??"

Originally Posted by WordMan View Post
[guitar geek moment]

Wasn't he playing a Daphne Blue vintage Strat on the cover of that album? Is that why you got one? That was you, right?

[/guitar geek moment]
He is, indeed:

And, yeah, that was me. Good memory! No, that's not why I was looking at one...a friend of a friend was looking to sell one. I didn't end up buying it (he didn't return my last e-mail); I still just have the Epi Les Paul.