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Originally Posted by shijinn View Post
it's how they take a dump on fans of ME1 & 2. oh, you bought both games on Steam? too bad, you have to buy it from our shitty service instead. oh, you really want fem Shepard for the intro? sure, but we'll replace her with someone else.
FemShep's new look is due to a competition BioWare held on Facebook, they uploaded a load of faces and the one with the most likes was the winner. I prefered blonde FemShep myself, looked like my super-paragon engineer war hero Shep.

Originally Posted by Miller View Post
Well, no, those old RPGs were pretty story-light, so there generally weren't any plot decisions that needed to be imported: each game could only end in one way. Mass Effect is certainly taking the concept to a new level, but it's not a unique or unprecedented idea.
Um...I meant to say recent video game history. Yeah.

Incidentally, Ash and Kaiden look a lot better than they did in ME1, Ash in particular. Anyone notice the
insignia on their armour?