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Look, you have to look at it from the Council's perspective. Shephard's got to be wrong about something sooner or later.

So, I played the demo. I'm a PC user generally, but I'm picking up the game for the 360 because somebody gave me one and because everybody available to play multiplayer with me will be on the 360. The first thing I noticed about the 360 version was that the controls were retarded and nobody could possibly actually play this stupid game. Later, somehow the controls got less stupid. It would still be better to have mouse and keyboard.

I'd like a little more background. How did Shepard come to no longer be with Cerberus? And back with the Alliance, but apparently forcibly retired? And what exactly happened when Cerberus decided to re-flip the bitch switch and dedicate themselves again to full-time evil? And how is this affected by your decision in the last game to either let them have the Collector base or not?

On this multiplayer system, I notice that there's a 'store' where you purchase upgrades for your avatar with 'credits'. Is 'credits' something you buy from EA with money? Because I have a sinking feeling that this is a huge scam.