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Originally Posted by FinnAgain View Post
Eh... after 50,000 years it's perfectly possible that there was a bottleneck somewhere and mutants became the new normal.

Also it's perfectly plausible that the Collectors had more than one single outpost.
Eh, both true but still disappointing. The Collectors especially; the Collector General was toasted and since he maintained a direct link to all Collectors for Harbingerification you'd have thought his death would mean the end of the Collectors.

Maybe Prothy is from the Styx Theta colony EDI mentioned when talking about how Protheans were morphed into the Collectors. Still, he looks way too much like a Collector for my liking - their DNA was supposed to have been completely rewritten and yet Prothy just looks like a Collector with a smaller head and no wings.

Also, if you're in the mood for spoiling squadmates;
EDI in a mechanical body. She kinda looks like the robots from the Will Smith film iRobot.

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