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Well, I coughed up some cash and bought some donuts. With the donuts, I bought Barney's Bowlorama, the Duff Brewery, the news van, the broken down car, and the Grampa Simpson sign. I got those last three items for the bonuses though I thought that maybe I should have gotten Otto or something else instead but I figure the bonuses are worth it.

I have mixed feelings about paying for bonuses in games like this. On one hand, I've paid to own games before and since I enjoy playing Simpsons, I feel it's worth it to pay for it. On the other hand, I really am not a fan of this model of paying for bonuses for these games. When I bought Madden football, Legend of Zelda, or other PC and console games, I don't buy bonuses for them. Sure there may be expansion packs like Brood War, but there's a finite amount paid for the game -- there's no lingering need to continue paying to get more.