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Originally Posted by Mithras View Post
Until a few days ago there were only the normal scratch-rs and they seemed to pay out pretty decently. Only rarely would I get a one or two bomb ticket and I actually got a jackpot once. The payout seemed high enough that I figured it'd eventually be worthwhile to build the second Kwik-E-Mart. Then there was an update and the golden scratch-rs were added (It was via an update, right?). Every scratch-r now tells you how many donuts you'd have won if you bought a golden one. Additionally, it seems like the odds on the regular tickets were changed so that now it's pretty rare to get a prize that's not one or two bombs. I suspect that the odds between the two ticket types are the same.

My take is that they've altered existing gameplay to squeeze more money from users. I guess EA figures the new ones have 100 donuts and they're golden. They're not giving those up for nothing.
Don't make the mistake of building multiple Kwik-E-Marts. I also thought I could get more Scratch-R's with lots of Kwik-E-Marts so I built 4 of them. You still only get 1 Scratch-R every 4 hours. Once you click on 1 Kwik-E-Mart, the other Scratch-R icons will all disappear.

I think the odds are still the same. I still win often on the regular scratch-r's. I don't know if I trust that the odds will still be the same on golden ones though.