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Originally Posted by Sterling Archer View Post
Don't make the mistake of building multiple Kwik-E-Marts. I also thought I could get more Scratch-R's with lots of Kwik-E-Marts so I built 4 of them. You still only get 1 Scratch-R every 4 hours. Once you click on 1 Kwik-E-Mart, the other Scratch-R icons will all disappear.

I think the odds are still the same. I still win often on the regular scratch-r's. I don't know if I trust that the odds will still be the same on golden ones though.
Does anyone have an idea of what the odds might be? I have yet to win the jackpot on the regular scratch-offs, and I think I only hit the second prize once out of maybe 30 tries or so.

Also, is it just me or does this game have terrible touch location accuracy? Whenever I'm moving things around, even when I'm totally zoomed in, it feels like half the time it doesn't select the object that I want, even though the objects are not in any way overlapping or anything.