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Originally Posted by Sir T-Cups View Post
Although with TNA dying, that opens the door for televised Ring of Honor.

Now I have no ideas about Ring of Honor, and I've never seen a promotion and don't know much from it other than "It's where (wrestler x) came from and it's really good!", but I think if any promotion is going to have a chance to be televised its them. I've also heard their quality of wrestling is good which TNA just didn't have.

I also hope they do get on TV, it'd be fun to see a new show and to give WWE some REAL competition like WCW did back in the day
Ring of Honor has a one-hour weekly show that's available in some, but not all of the country. I DVR it (seeing as it's not on until 1 AM Friday night here), and I don't always watch it, but it's pretty decent - much like NXT, it's a very wrestling-centric program. It apparently airs on a tape delay of several weeks and is out of sync with their PPVs (which I haven't really looked at yet) which can make it difficult to follow the world title scene, but the Television Championship is usually pretty prominent. (I think Jay Lethal, formerly of TNA, is the TV champ right now.)

They apparently did a crossover PPV with New Japan awhile back, which they showed a couple matches from on their weekly show, and it looks good.

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