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While i believe that body cameras would, in fact, be very cost effective for precisely this reason, it is worth noting that we have to be a little careful using those raw figures in a conversation like this one.

The number of payouts ($428 million) over five years, does not reflect only cases where police have committed some sort of misconduct. The list contains every payout where the NYPD was named as a defendant in the lawsuit, even when police conduct was not an issue. For example, the largest payout on the list ($11.5 million) was for a case where a person was left paralyzed after a tree branch fell on him in Central Park.

Still a significant percentage of the cases (including some cases with seven-figure payouts) related to police behavior, including bad arrests, injuries inflicted, rights violations, etc. And there are recent payouts that did not even make the list because the cases began before the 2009 cutoff, like an $18-million payout going all the way back to the despicable way the cops handled the RNC protests in 2004.

If the use of body cameras reduces the number of payouts by even 10%, they will probably pay for themselves, without even taking into account the salutary effects of a better-behaved police force.
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How does that follow? That someone is civilly liable doesn't imply that they are criminally guilty.
How about we amend it, then, to "NYPD is full of cops that need to be out of a job."

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