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If you're looking to play Hearthstone but afraid that GabeN will hunt you down for closing Steam, you can now play Magic Duels, a Magic: the Gathering knock-off of the CCCG that's a knock-off of M:tG. Plays pretty much like the Duel of Planeswalkers M:tG games except you get coins for playing the campaign and then for winning matches which you then use to buy boosters. Deck creation is a lot more open than in the DotP versions as well.

By the time you finish the initial tutorial bit you get a starter box, three boosters and enough coins to buy two more boosters. Boosters are 150 coins ($2 real money if you wanted to go that way) and you get 5 coins for an easy AI match, 10 for medium, 15 for hard and 20 for a matched-opponent live battle. 400 coins per day max. "Quests" for extra coins such as winning three matches with a R/G or B/G deck.