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I haven't seen any specifics. If boremelt is aware of some statement by Pell's medical team saying that he's too ill to fly coach, but it's acceptable to,fly first class, and Pell subsequently relied on that determination to say he could not attend, then I would see the connection.
Come on Dicker, its not too hard to understand. People with serious illness do travel all the time, a blanket "too ill to travel" is bullshit. Cardinal Pell is not in an ICU at a hospital in Rome, he is well enough to continue to perform his job at the vatican as senior financial controller.

As mentioned several Doctors in Australia offered to accompany him on the flight for free. Two first class tickets and a doctor in the seat next to him with oxygen for the trip and he would have been completely fine. Otherwise, charter a private jet with a medical team on board, the Vatican can easily afford that as well.

Here is the article with the offer of help and some more details of his condition:

Oh, and my name is coremelt, not boremelt, Dicker.