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Originally Posted by coremelt View Post
Irrelevant, a trip to and from the airport in a comfortable VIP mini bus or ambulance is not strenuous, he can have a wheelchair and assistants to help him in and out. We're not asking him to do a 3 mile jog.
The medical issue is not a comparison between a three mile jog and another activity, though. It's about whether a trip by airline makes sense, in this circumstance, for someone with his medical condition.

To answer that, medical professionals typically would weigh the necessity for the trip against the risk. For example, if a hospital in Australia was the only one in the world with a team and equipment that could treat the condition, I imagine the risk vs. reward might tilt towards making the trip.

Because the actual survivors of abuse think its not good enough and their opinion is good enough for me.
But we -- both in the United States and in Australia -- don't permit the victims of a crime or a civil wrong to dictate conditions like this. This is why we have commissions, courts, a discovery process, all governed by pre-existing rules.

With all due respect for their pain, they don't get to make rulings like this. And I can't understand why you'd think they should -- it suggests that you have already concluded that the inquiry is not necessary and that Pell is guilty of all accusations. If that's the case, why should he need to appear? And if it's not, why shouldn't he rely on the Commission's rules and judgments with respect to how he can provide his testimony?
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