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Originally Posted by El_Kabong View Post
There's the one where a momma is driving down a suburban street in a Nissan Rogue, racing her young daughter, who is dressed entirely in black (as one does) and riding a Big Wheel. Momma pulls in the driveway, avoiding some containers of black paint that are inexplicably sitting in the middle of the pavement. Daughter comes screeching in and slides to a halt, knocking over the containers and sending black paint everywhere*.

What does Mom do? String her daughter up by the ankles in the garage? No, she gives her a high five.

*actually, they use CGI to make the paint look like it's forming some sort of curlicue design, which makes even less sense.
I thought the girl painted her big wheel black to match the Rogue - and the sliding in rubbed the paint off the tires.

Still an annoyingly stupid commercail - and apparently they are telling me that big wheels powered by gradeschoolers can outrun (or atleast keep pace with) the Nissan.

I guaruntee I could outrun the little tykes in my Tundra.