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Not a big movie-watcher at home or at the cinema, but did see a couple recently worth reporting on.

Big Hero 6 is a Disney animation about family, robots, friendships and growing up. I know, that's basically all Disney movies (maybe without the robots), but it was well-plotted, the characters were fine, the plot twists (even the ones they telegraphed) worked and the ending (and potential for sequels) brought the requisite tears. If you're in the mood for an animated movie and haven't seen this one, try it.

Hidden Figures. Very well done movie about racism and sexism and triumph without beating one over the head and shoulders with it. My niece/nephew were both amazed that things like that ("colored" bathrooms) existed in the "Space Age", and anyone younger than 30 should have to see it. Very well acted, the three parallel stories of the main women characters blended well, and Kevin Costner for once didn't over-do things and hit the mark. If you haven't seen it, try to.
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