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For those not following the details of this exciting debate, we've just seen SamuelA in action and on full display once again. To knowledgeable practitioners in cognitive science, the role of classic computationalism in mental processes remains a basic central question and locus of research and will remain so for a very long time to come (see especially Fodor's objections in 7.3 -- keeping in mind that Fodor was a proponent of CTM but understood its limitations; he was one of the foundational pioneers of modern cognitive science). But not to SamuelA, who hasn't figured out what it means yet and perhaps never will, but he knows the answer anyway -- it's trivially obvious because ... signals!

Just like it's trivially obvious that we can all become immortal and live forever because ... cells! Even if researchers who actually work in biomedicine have their doubts.

SamuelA doesn't have doubts. Our greatest scientists and philosophers may struggle with these issues but, as I said earlier, SamuelA struggles with nothing. Sure, maybe he don't write so good and maybe doesn't understand basic concepts sometimes, but that just makes the world a simple place that he will be pleased to explain -- simplistically and wrongly -- to anyone willing to listen. It's no wonder that every single poster here thinks he's an annoying moron. Despite some compassionate constructive criticism there's no sign that this is going to change, so we may as well enjoy ourselves.