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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Can I ask for you to recheck your assumptions on this?
Nah. Give me something specific, and maybe.

Bolding added. Where are you getting even the idea of saying that I think the problem would not have unexpected snags?
One throwaway line of "It would be no means be an easy task." implies that it is just a matter of working hard enough, of wanting it badly enough, to overcome this task that you admit is not easy. Cleaning out my basement after a recent flood was by no means an easy task either.

You do not acknowledge that there may be roadblocks that stop us in our track entirely upon a particular avenue of future technology. You don't even acknowledge that there are roadblocks that may require serious advances in seemingly unrelated fields.

You just say it won't be easy. Well, we knew that already, if it were easy, they would have done it already. The question is, is it possible, is it feasible, and is it practical? We don't know the answers to any of those questions yet, and will not for quite some time. You don't have those answers either.
The only way you can even begin to claim that is I'm saying if we spend a small amount of money (it's cheaper than long term medical care...) freezing the brains of terminally ill people, the chances are good that we could eventually do something useful with them. And we should plan to freeze them for up to ~300 years (about $30,000 in present day's money in LN2) because there might in fact be a great many such 'snags' that have to be worked out.
I could say that about any of your futurism claims, from nanobots to redirecting asteroids. It's not just a matter of money, and it's not just a matter of research. Part of it is whether or not the universe actually works that way.
All I'm really saying is the risk : reward is worth it for many people. If you gave someone the choice of spending their last few years in a haze in an Alzheimer's ward, before certain death, or undergoing a surgical procedure that might fail and might see them revived in the far future, you would get a lot of takers for the latter. And we should respect that and not consider it "murder" by our archaic understanding based half on religion.
I actually agree with doctor assisted suicide for terminal patients with low quality of life, so I have no problem with someone making that decision for themselves. But that is how I would see it, as doctor assisted suicide, not as life extension. I don't know how many takers you would get, but I would not be among them.